Friday, 30 November 2012

Grammar Exercises

1. True or False.
   Read and circle True or False.
It is my birthday! It is sunny and hot. My parents didn’t go to work. They are at home. We are having a party. My sister gave me a great present. She gave me a new skateboard. My best friend is coming. He likes skateboarding too.
a. Today is my birthday.                                       True    False
b. The weather is cloudy and cold.                             True    False
c. My parents are at work.                                     True    False
d. My family are having a party.                               True    False
e. My sister gave me a new bike.                               True    False

We can use pronouns to replace the names of people and things.
I… You… He… She… It… We… They…

2. Choose the answer!
   Read the sentence. Circle the correct answer.
a. ____________________ is sunny today.                         It's / It / There
b. ____________________ don’t like vegetables.                     I’m / I / Me
c. What’s the time? ____________________ 8 o’clock.             It’s / Is / He
d. Can you see that rabbit? ______________ has very big ears.       He / It / I
e. Ask your sister for help. _____________ is very good at Maths.   She/ I / They

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

English Grammar Lesson - Wh questions

An English lesson about making "wh" questions. For more grammar and other English lessons go to

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Short Stories

Santa's little helper
It's Christmas Eve and Santa's getting ready to deliver presents to boys and girls all round the world. How can he deliver all the presents in time? Find out how in Santa's Little Helper.Flash

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Personal Pronouns

A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun.
The most frequently used pronouns are called 
personal pronouns.They refer to people or things.
Subject Pronouns
A subject pronoun is used to  replace a noun which is 
thsubject of the sentence.
She is my best friend.                                               
It is my dog.
Does he know the answer?
You and I will meet later.
Object Pronouns
An  object  pronoun is used as when the 
pronoun is not the subject.
Give the book to me.                                    
I will tell you a story.
Susan read it to them.
The teacher gave her a command.

                        List of Personal Pronouns
                           Singular              Plural
 Subject Pronouns                               I                        We
                                                                       You                      You
                                                     He, She, It                  They      
Object Pronouns                          me                          us
                                                         you                        you
                                                      him, her, it               them

Personal pronouns, Possessive 

determiners, Possessive pronouns 

          Personal pronouns 
as subject             as object                 Possessive                 Possessive
 (nominative)     (accusative              determiners                 pronouns                               and dative)
      I                            me                            my                               mine
   You                         you                           your                             your 
   He                him                             his                                his
   She                         her                             her                              hers
     It                            it                                its                                 its
   We                          us                              our                               ours
  They                      them                          their                            theirs
     1                            2                                 3                                   4
 We have             The books               These are                    These books
some books.       are for us.               our books.                   are ours.

 Using Pronouns Correctly 
Subject pronouns are used in compound subjects, and object
pronouns are used in compound objects.
He and John wrote a report on the subject. (Not Him and John)
Tell John and me about Hercules. (Not John and I)

A preposition takes an object, just as many verbs do.  The
object of a preposition can be simple or compound.  In either
case, use an object pronoun as the object of the preposition. 
Lee read an interesting story  ( to me ) .
Lee read an interesting story ( to John and me ) .

If you are not sure of which form of the pronoun to use, say the
sentence aloud with only the pronoun as the subject or the
object.  Your ear will tell you which form is correct.

Whenever the pronoun I is part of a compound subject, it 
should always be placed after the other parts of the subject.
Similarly, when the pronoun me is part of a compound object, 
it should go after the other parts of the object.
 Lee and I like reading. (Not I and Lee)
Biology interests Lee and me. (Not me and Lee).